Antiques are wonderful to have in your home. They bring so much to a room and to a home. They are timeless. Here at Fishing River Market we love antiques and vintage items, and we think that you should love them too. We want to share with you nine reasons why you should buy antique and vintage items.

1)    Each piece has history.

Each antique or vintage item that you buy has its own unique history and story. Not only that, each piece is a part of history, and history is important. Antiques and vintage items give a glimpse to what life was like for our parents, our grandparents and beyond. I know a lot of people don’t like history or at the very least find history boring, but it is through history that lessons are learned, and that people grow. When we don’t learn about history or think that it is important, that is the time when history starts to repeat itself. Antiques are a valuable part of the past. They bring the past into the present and into the future, and they help us honor, respect and value those that came before. Antiques aren’t just meant for museums. They are meant for us.

2)    If only they could talk

Can you imagine the stories these things could tell if they could talk? Take a moment and just think about it. You know that armoire that you have that your great-grandfather built for your grandmother? Imagine the stories that it could tell you about your grandmother like what she was wearing the night she met your grandfather. Or maybe it could tell you about how she hid in it playing hide-and-seek with her brothers and sisters.

What about those dishes you inherited or the crystal you found at your favorite antique mall? What stories do you imagine that they would tell?

3)    Buying antiques are green.

Have you been wanting to go “green” and live a more sustainable life? Buying antiques and vintage items are one of the best and easiest ways to live a green lifestyle. The three “R’s” of living a green lifestyle are reduce, reuse and recycle. When you buy antiques, you are actually doing all three. When you buy antiques (or even just “used” items), you are reducing the amount of “waste” that ends up in the landfills. You are “recycling” simply by buying too, but the best part about buying antiques to be “green” are all the wonderful ways to “reuse” them. For example, you can buy some glass candlesticks and some plates, attach them together using some E6000 glue, and now you have a great cake plate. Add a dome to it and you have a cheese plate or cookie plate. There are so many varied and wonderful things you can do with. Just take a look on Pinterest!

4)    Antiques are a great investment.

If you are looking for a great investment, antiques are one of the best you can make. It is very rare for antiques to lose their value. Their values usually hold or increase. One of the reasons for this is that craftsmen and manufacturers made things to last. They made things with idea that what they are making will be used and reused. Antiques are made to outlive their maker. They are the legacy of the people who made them.

5)    Antiques can hold sentimental value.

It is interesting how many people who walk through an antique mall and see something that reminds them of their childhood or their grandparents or their favorite great-aunt. I wrote a little earlier about how each piece has its own unique history, but for every person who walks through an antique mall there is usually something there that brings back a fond memory and touches their heart. For me, seeing crystal sugar and cream sets reminds me of one of my grandmothers, windchimes remind me of my paternal grandfather, and lighthouses remind me of my maternal grandmother. Antiques hold sentimental value for most people.

6)    It’s enjoyable!

For most people, it’s just plain fun to explore, and antique stores are wonderful places to explore. You can walk through an antique store one day and think you’ve seen everything. Then you go back the next day and you find something new. Buying an antique piece of furniture can be a bit of an adventure too. I have heard stories of people buying a piece of furniture, taking it home, and finding hidden compartments or letters or photos tucked behind a drawer. You just never know what you’re going to find at an antique store.

7)    Antiques are trend proof.

Like your favorite pair of jeans or suit, antiques never go out of style. They are trend proof. Antiques are a great way to decorate. They can add character, charm and coziness to a room, or you can use them to add elegance and sophistication. If you are into minimalism, adding an antique chest or cabinet can add a bit of warmth to the room. If you are into sleek and modern, adding a cut glass or crystal vase can add texture and visual interest.

8)    Each piece is unique.

Each and every antique piece is going to have something unique to it. It doesn’t matter if it is a china pattern, a piece of cut glass, or a piece of furniture. Every piece is going have something that makes it slightly different from the rest. Why? Because it’s been used and as things get used, they get knicks, scratches, dents, etc. China colors slightly as it ages so there might be age spots or the pattern might be more faded on one plate than on another. Furniture was usually constructed by hand and many carpenters would sign their pieces. If you look closely enough, there is going to be something about each piece that sets it apart from the others.

9)    Antiques have character.

Antiques have character. All the other reasons that I gave are also reasons why antiques have character. They have character because they have history. They have character because they are unique. They have character because they all have stories to tell that we can only imagine about. Antiques have character and they add character to a home. They can be used in any style of decorating to add a dimension of history and character to the design.

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