Now open! Plan a wonderful experience in our store at our newly opened Maker’s Studio/Workshop. The Workshop is open for Classes, Make-n-Takes, DIY Workshops, and more!

FRM offers all the materials to create your own home decor and more. We have blank boards, signs, stencils, paint and more. Let your creativity run wild! Projects for all ages. Perfect for giving the kids a safe and creative place to spend some time out of the house.

Make-n-Take Projects
Book Covers
Mini Notebooks
Small Canvas
Large Canvas
Wood Truck Cutout

Make-n-Take Ceramics
Leaf Bowls
Halloween Characters
Flat Pumpkins
Small Pumpkins
Cat or Dog Planters
Large Pumpkins

Make-n-Take Dinnerware
Stoneware Plates
Glass Plates
Tile Coasters (set of 4)